Every once in a while, whilst mindlessly scrolling through my insta feed that is flooded with a glut of selfies, food photographs and baby pictures, l stumble upon an image that is more than just a picture, it is a work of art.

Over the years, I have followed photographers, art directors and visual artists whose work can be described as such. And I want to share their work (and insta handles) with you as it deserves to catch more eyeballs. Their art will inspire your inner muse and hopefully enable you to better your pic-taking skills as well.

1. Hashim Ali

Hashim Ali is an art director, who goes above and beyond the concept of conventional photography by curating a story through his images. The photographs that he dircects could pass off as dreamy scenes out of a fantasy film. Everything from the model’s makeup, to her expressions to the background and the photograph’s title is impeccable. He personifies the statement, “the devil is in the details”. His photo series titled “Bird from paradise” especially stood out for me.

Follow him at: @hashimali90

2. Muzi Sufi

I have been following Muzi Sufi since years. She comes across as a very sensitive and artistic soul who could find beauty in any place. Her photographs evoke an effortless and feminine kind of charm. Her object placement, angling and overall vision prove that this girl is a natural at photography. Her Instagram page is populated with fashion shoots, architecture and pictures of her adorable little daughter at exotic destinations that would have anybody wanderlust-ing.

Follow her at: @muzisufi


3. Zeeshan Jamal

While most wedding photographers simply take photographs of couples and families, Zeeshan Jamal captures their truest of emotions by making you vicariously live through subject’s experiences. You will find candid shots of brides, grooms and their parents and feel the close bond between relationships. I believe that Zeeshan’s work also shows the “human” side of celebrities.

Follow him at: @zeeshaanjamal

4. Alee Hassan

This visual storyteller’s work is uberly imaginative. He isn’t afraid to take risks and do something as bold as paint a model’s face black and put her in a neon blue dress, or adorn her in a sack of babies (wonder what the message is there, fertility perhaps?). I also love his crazy creative backgrounds like the colorful sparkly balloon background in one of his fashion shoots. Alee Hassan was the winner of the Best Emerging Fashion photographer at LSA in 2016 and is a force to watch out for.

Follow him at @aleehassanphotographe

5. Waleed Muzaffar

Waleed is a relatively new photographer but his photography is pretty slick. He uses light in a way that paradoxically gives both a retro and a contemporary feel. Waleed does portraits, architecture and fashion and his use of neon lights is especially cool. His pictures give a cosy Danish hygge vibe making you want to just wanna grab coffee and snuggle up in a blanky.

Follow him at: @waleedmuzaffar

6. Khan Belal

Khan Belal’s work is pretty spunky! He can make his subjects levitate and do all sorts of cool gymnastics with his camera-tricks. He plays with light and angles in a way that brings out the personality of the subject. His portrait shots are Warhol-esque and pop-artish.

Follow him at: ikhanbelal

7. Mahhad Nayyer

A space engineer by profession and a travel enthusiast by passion, Mahhad discovered his love for photography during his travels to about 100 countries around the world. On Instagram, his current Muse city is Lahore. His photographs evoke such a charming vintagey vibe to the of the galis and koochas of Lahore, that would otherwise go unnoticed. His clicks of the fresco work at Wazir Khan mosque and patterned ceilings of the Mughal hamam are also pretty epic.

Follow him at: @travelnames

 8. Maham Batool

Maham’s work is dark, subtle and sublime. She takes snaps of every day objects such as teacups, paint pots, chandeliers and landscapes with her unique artistic tint. Her landscapes incite a sweet kind of melancholy that can be addictive for your insta-holic eyeballs. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

 You can follow her at: @heytheremayhem

9. Usman Miski

Usman Miski’s work is the opposite of Maham Batool’s work, while she shows a dusky side of landscapes; Usman’s photographs of architecture, landscapes and still life are vibrant, accentuated and majestic. If you want to show someone the best of Pakistan, just redirect them to Usman Miski’s insta page.

Follow him at: @usmanmiski

10. Natasha Zubair

I recently stumbled upon this young photographer’s profile and absolutely fell in love with her quirky sense of style. Her work concurrently evokes, both a girly kind of sweetness and a sagacious kind of depth. She is also a painter, with her new line of sketchbooks, greeting cards and envelopes. Her art sense and scope of ambition are pretty impressive.

Follow her at: @natashazubair





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