So a London-based cousin of mine called me up a few days ago and said, “Wow Humay, I really feel like visiting Islamabad. I’m following you on insta and you guys are living the life.” I was like what?? Me?? when, where?? LOL. This was an eye opener cause a) my life is full of wtf moments strung together with many banal occurrences and b) I don’t view my life the way an instagram follower does. I scanned my insta profile and saw pics of trips abroad, special occasions and glam’d up selfies and for a moment I forgot that it was me.

I believe it is pretty unfair how social media mostly encourages us to share only the glossiest, the funnest and most climax-y moments of our lives when life is full of all kinds of occurences- majority being just a string of really mundane moments. Like carrying bags of cloth to the darzi’s shop or cutting your nails or waiting in traffic. Life isn’t dystopic or utopic, its mostly just a stretch of hum-drum daily occurrences occasionally spotted with both wondrous and really crappy moments. However, social media, with majority post-card worthy images, often compels us to compare our internal lives to another’s external, filtered reality.

I believe that it is so important to honour the mundane and seek a subtle kind of beauty in it, like an Iranian film. It’s unnatural to anticipate all moments to look like flowy dresses under the Tuscan sun or stream rides on a venetian gondola. Especially when it fails to depict anybody’s emotional or spiritual state. It’s also unnatural to be in a state of perpetual FOMO, like so many are these days. I just want to respect the anti-climax, the every day and the fml moments – as it is due to contrast that I can experience all that is magical, beautiful and “epic” I told me cousin to visit me but to not expect the roller-coaster to remain on a slope, 24/7. 

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