No matter where you stand in life, a super important spiritual practice to have is of gratitude. There’s always something to be grateful for. Yes, a part of the world is going through turmoil, yes our lives aren’t perfect but there’s always something to feel blessed about.

The gratitude mindset propels growth whereas the “for granted” mindset makes one feel bankrupt even if he’s a king. A tip to remain in the gratitude frequency is to surround yourself with people who are solution oriented rather than problem focused, which is often a mask to guise their own procrastination.

Some people look towards the stars even when their feet are in their gutter, whereas some who fly amongst the stars focus towards the gutter, which is where they inevitably fall. However, you should not completely rely upon more grateful company to uplift you. 

Alternatively, a wise and super effective practice to have happiness and abundance in your life is to practice gratitude each morning when you wake up as a daily practice. Make it as important as brushing your teeth because mental hygiene is equally if not MORE important than physical hygiene. 

So for my 28th birthday, which was yesterday, one of my resolutions is to show gratitude for all that I have each day. I’ve kept a gratitude journal next to my bed with sparkly glitter pens and a pink filofax diary so that I can make a list of all that I’m grateful for each morning. It has to be a ritual to really work. I will be sharing pics of my stationary as I believe that your stationary should connect with you. A brown boring diary that looks like it was made for a 50 year old uncle just wouldn’t be as exciting!

So far my lists have included stuff as small as my cat calcium’s love to significant occasions such as working on my passions. It doesn’t matter how small or big the event is, the law of the universe is that if you’re grateful for something, it will multiply. I just have to be consistent with my gratitude lists. I am positive that after 40 days of gratitude, I will feel far more happiness and abundance in my life but it has to continue forever. 

I think that you should definitely try this practice too and share your results with me. I’d love to talk about it! Today, I am grateful for being alive and for being able to make this post. What are you grateful for?

Love and gratitude bracelets,

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