There are few brands that instantly put me in fan-girl mode and Miniso is one of them. I came across this Japanese lifestyle and beauty store at Safa Mall and it just stood out from the rest of the shops with its simple yet chic product designs and super-lit shop interiors. Miniso is a Japanese designer brand with the philosophy of “Returning to nature” and an ethos of intelligent consumption. 

As I embark onto the path of minimalism, with a focus on using few but high quality products, Miniso happens to be a perfect fit for me.

Everything in the shop from homeware to beauty products to electronic gadgets is practical, simple yet high quality. The cherry on top is that almost everything is between the Rs. 500-1000 range. It was hard to believe that one could get good quality at such reasonable rates, especially in Islamabad. 

I bought quite a few products from there. One of them was a Green Tea perfume with a subtle and natural fragrance as well as a green tea makeup remover – the best part was that both products weren’t loaded with chemicals! (So many flashy and beautiful smelling products wreck your skin and health)

For my car, I got this window-hanging creature, kind of like a cross between a Pokemon and a Hamster. I’ve named him Pudgy and he acts like a stress-reliever with his adorable looks and the way he seems to dance when I drive with my music on.

Since my life is an end-less “To-Do” list at the moment, as I simultaneously juggle between  my blog, start-up, multiple social media platforms, travels and fitness journey, I was looking for the perfect journal to organise all of my mental chaos. I normally use FiloFax, but their covers are usually too boring for me, so I got this cutesy or shall I say “Kawaii” journal from Miniso. Also under 500!

I also got a really pretty crimson lip pen for only Rs. 350 when the market rate for even local lipstick brands is between Rs. 1500 to 3500. I fail to understand why that is but you have gotta love the Japs! It’s a pity that local brands such as Chen One charge us so highly with a quality that is not even comparable. I hope that local brands can learn a thing or two from the Kaizen loving japs. Currently, the store is limited with its beauty products but soon they would be introducing a complete range of cosmetics and I can’t wait!

The Miniso chain of stores just launched 5 years ago in Japan and China and have exploded with a thousand branches all over the world, in USA, Singapore, Russia, UAE  and more and they already have branches in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. The brand seems to be growing even here and I am envisaging their own mega-store very soon. God knows, I could use more of minimalism as I would like to replace a lot of the life-sized junk that I’ve gathered over the years with some Miniso. It is important to remember that Minimalism is a process and a journey which takes time to achieve and starting with small lifestyle changes is the first step. 

To sum it up, Miniso enables minimalism without messing with my wallet status. Would you give a go to Minimalism and Miniso?

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