An Interview with Moni Mohsin

Published on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 By Humay
 Why is it that some writers only daydream of publishing a book while others actually publish multiple books, within the same time period?I personally know 5 writers who dreamt of coming out of the quarantine as the next 'Kafka of Pakistan' but most of them got too distracted by Netflix and potato chips (as you normally do in times of a pandemic)So as a gift to my fellow ‘Eddie-Morras-before-he-discovered-NZT’ I decided to interview accomplished writer Moni Mohsin to find out the method and madness to her craft, with the hope that...

Book Review: Dare To Be You by Shahzad Malik

Published on Friday, July 24th, 2020 By Humay
A few weeks ago, I received a mysterious yet elegant parcel in my mail. Initially, I thought that it was a perfume box but when I opened it, I found a book, a candle, a fragrant letter and a mirror. The letter asked the reader how they felt when they beheld their reflection in the mirror. It was a sort of invite for the reader to take a dive into a journey of personal development. The packaging was impressive and the gifts that it came along with were meaningful.The book was titled, “Dare To Be...

True Mindfulness Includes Knowing What To Give A F*ck About

Published on Monday, January 29th, 2018 By Humay
I recently stumbled across an acquaintance, who always makes it a point to slur a “bullyish” comment whenever you meet him. On the surface, he tries to act “too-cool-for-school” but then hurls a nasty comment with the clear intention of ruining your mood or your day (if you’re ultra-sensitive)So at a social event, he came up to me and goes, “hey, I saw your travel photos but why did you choose to go to Azerbaijan? Like, I wouldn’t even go there if somebody paid me to”