Hello there, I’m Humay.

Not too long ago, I decided to quit my corporate job (which was making me feel like a headless rooster in a shoebox) in order to pursue my lifelong dream of making a career as a writer and a digital dervish. While corporate jobs suit some people amazingly well, a stringent routine in a cubicle can never be my gig.

Now, you must be wondering what a digital dervish or a digital nomad is so allow me to elaborate, It is someone who is location independent and uses technology and the internet to make a living. This lifestyle allows one to intertwine work with travel and experience the best of both worlds.

It feels exciting yet utterly exhilarating to embark onto the path less trodden but how blasé would a life be without any risk? I feel like it’s high time that we, as women leave our comfort zones and grab the life that we’ve always dreamt of. For me, the definition of failure is a passion-less existence and settling for anything less than ordinary. And why should you ever settle for ordinary when you are an extra-ordinary being? 

Writing and travel are what truly set my soul on fire and perhaps I was a gypsy in past life. Yes, I wish to make the planet my playground whilst penning the highlights of my experiences and insights and hopefully inspire you to live more authentically as well. Travel for me is akin to breathing and if my brain were an animated character, it would probably be Pac-Man – and countries would be like those little cookie crumbs or whatever it is that that little beast unstoppably feasts upon.

Ironically, the odds have always been stacked against me as I am (a) Pakistani (b) A woman.

Double whammy!

Let me explain, desi families are notorious for getting metaphorical panic attacks if their children, especially daughters suggest that they want to travel solo. And the Pakistani passport faces barriers to entry from many spots on the planet (wonder if there’s a connection between the two?) Also, a “writer woman” is somewhat of a taboo down here, since women are usually expected to be mute, tongue-less mules. 

However, I’ve decided to not let these hindrances come between me and my dreams and to travel to all the spots that welcome the green booklet with open arms. (There is still a long list of those). And write about all the topics that must be talked about. Cliche` as it sounds, if there is a will, there really is a way! In 2011, I took my first solo trip abroad which brought to life the explorer in me. And my last overseas trip was last month, in October 2017, which I took to inaugurate my blog with a beautiful bang. I’m incredibly psyched to write all about it!

I am also super-passionate about women’s empowerment and believe that Pakistani women are extremely brilliant, talented, beautiful and badass. Yet, sadly, a vast majority of us are not living up to even a sixth of our full potential and that irks me like anything. Social stigmas (read: uncle and aunty taanas) have, for centuries held women back but in 2017 there is a global movement of women finally reclaiming their power. And we must follow suit. Doing so would ultimately turn our lives around and eventually benefit the whole of our country and ultimately the planet.

I think that the greatest gift that a woman (or man) can give to the world is of her own self-realization and that starts with saying yes to your dreams. So apart from travelling, my dreams include expressing myself with my writing, philosophising, uplifting others, comedically critiquing society and self-improvement. In this blog, I’d be musing upon all of that as well as the aesthetical spheres of style and beauty.

I truly believe that words are like magic with the power to uplift, inspire and transform so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with your story. I’d love for you to follow my journey to see where the path of my heart leads me and perhaps it will inspire you to follow your passions too.

So stick around and watch this space as I paint it with my digital brush-strokes.

Love and light-beams,




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